League ChampionsEdit

Year Champion Owner Runner Up Owner
2011 Fatties D'Kline'd David Kline cLynch the Shiva Alayna Peterson
2012 Adrian Skeeterson Chris Rivers Skull Fuckings Free of Charge Lee Rambo
2013 The Jamaalocaust Chris Rivers Chrystler LaBeatdown Lee Rambo
2014 Peyton the Town Red Joey Bachrodt Bach to Bach, Don't Look Back Brendan Bachrodt

Championship Game Team TotalsEdit

Owner Win Loss Total Appearances Year(s) Won Year(s) Lost
Chris Rivers 2 0 2 2012, 2013
Joey Bachrodt 1 0 1 2014
Dave Kline 1 0 1 2011
Lee Rambo 0 2 2 2012, 2013
Brendan Bachrodt 0 1 1 2014

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