Win-Loss Record Edit

A League Regular Season Postseason  Total
Year Overall Result Division Rank W L W L W L
2011Consolation Champ3rd7640116
2012Consolation Champ4th673198
20136th Place4th672188
2014Consolation Champ 2nd 672087
20159th Place5th4912511

Head to Head Records

Awards Edit

This is a list of honors for Rahul Kamada

A League

  • Rahul Kamada Consolation Bracket Champion (2): 2011, 2012, 2014

B League

Records Edit

Single GameEdit

Most points in a game
 ??, vs ??, Week ?? 201?
Least points in a game
 ??, vs ??, Week ?? 201?

Season Edit

Most wins in a season
11 (2011)
Most losses in a season
8 (2012, 2013)

All Time Edit

Largest victory
??-??(?? points), vs ??, Week ?? 201?
Largest defeat
??-??(?? points), vs ??, Week ? 201?
Longest winning streak
??, Week ?? — ??
Longest losing streak
??, Week ?? — ??

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